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No Really, They Were ALL Wrong: You ARE a Creator!

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Have you awakened yet to the realization that every negative thing we’ve have ever heard, been taught, or socially conditioned to believe about ourselves is a lie? Guess what, they were all wrong: You ARE a Creator! #LiveCreative

They Were ALL Wrong: You ARE a Creator!

At some point in our lives we are told: “you’re not creative,” “you’re not smart enough,” “you’re not attractive,” or “you’re not good enough.” First of all, that’s just someone else’s opinion. Second, NONE of it’s true – it’s a bunch of outright BS!

  • You ARE Creative;
  • You ARE Smart Enough;
  • You ARE Attractive;

Creativity is about more than just art, music, or design. It is also about how each of us chooses to creatively problem solve the challenges in our lives.

Each of us has the will, heart, and courage to commit to the work necessary to complete the creative process of any endeavor we set our intention to. And, when we do this, we can actualize our inner creative being, realize our dreams, and achieve sustainable success.

What is a Creative Life? Balance.

Call it what you want – the Universe, God, Allah, Source Energy, or Magic Fairy Dust – I don’t care. I believe we ARE all born creators, we are all energy, and we all come from the same place.

We are all human with fears, wants, and desires. And, we all have dreams, aspirations, creativity, and purpose in life. We all experience through our emotions and our hearts, and we all think with our brains and through the filters of our minds. Also, ALL of us have the same inherent birthright to:

  • Speak our truth,
  • Pursue our passions,
  • Actualize our purpose,
  • and, Express ourselves creatively.

A creative life is about understanding that each of us have our own gifts, talents, curiosities, and unique purpose. And, all of use are also one in the same. Balance is understand that each of us is unique AND each of us is very much alike. Actually, I think, we are all more alike than we are different.

The Life You Truly Want IS Yours for the Taking

All we really need to do is take that leap of faith, trust in ourselves, and set our intention to commit to doing the work necessary to succeed – regardless of whatever it is your creative endeavor is.

When we tap into our inherent creative nature and begin to understand our real purpose in life, we awaken our full creative potential. To live a creative life full of real abundance and sustainable happiness takes confidence, willpower, and courage.

In the beginning, the unknown is scary. Nothing worth doing is easy or happens overnight. And, it won’t come to you by just wishing for it either.

On the other hand, if you’re patient, gentle with yourself, stick with it, and do the work, you will achieve success. The life you truly want is yours for the taking, all you have to do is set your intention to try and do the very best you can. As long as your not hurting yourself, anyone else, or taking anything away from others, you’re doing okay.

I Know, Because: I AM a Creator Too

I understand these socially conditioned fears and limiting beliefs because I have had to face every single one of them in my own life. At 42 years old, I am still learning to face my fears. And now, question them, challenge them, learn from them, grow, and move on. If there is one thing I know for sure: I am not perfect (far from it) – nobody is. So, what am I?

  • I Am Creative.
  • I Am Smart.
  • I Am Talented.
  • I Am Attractive.

And, so are you! So let go of your fears, trust in yourself, ’cause you ARE a Creator! And, everything will be OK!

One More Thing… Practice Does NOT Make Perfect

I have learned: practices does NOT make perfect. Practice makes good. And with more practice, we become great. But perfection? Perfection is nothing but an unrealistic waste of time and energy. I know because perfectionism has only ever lead to fear, anxiety, frustration, and unhappiness in my own life.


Ready to Awaken Your Creativity Within?

¡Hola, I Am Jason Holland!

I am a Heart-Centered Creative Director, Pro Web Designer, and Inspirational Blogger currently living in Playa del Carmen, México. I help aspiring entrepreneurs awaken their creativity within by inspiring them to overcome limiting beliefs about themselves and fears surrounding technology to create beautiful and sustainable online presence. I do this by guiding them to the tools and resources needed to achieve their goals and realize their full creative potential.

So, are you ready to awaken your creativity within? If so, I look forward to connecting with you!

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